The Unit for Innovative Therapies (UIT) is at the front lines of early clinical research and meets the standards of a world‑class clinical research centre. Its goal is to provide patients whose treatment has failed with the most advanced oncology and neurology treatment options, including drugs administered to humans for the first time.

Under the medical direction of Dr. Rahima Jamal, a hematologist‑oncologist at the CHUM, this secure unit relies on a 17‑person team and more than 70 investigators to conduct phase 1 and 2 clinical studies.

In this environment boasting 680 square metres of space and 15 beds, more than 15 clinical trials were launched the year the Unit opened, capitalizing on the CHUM’s clinical research program.

The UIT directly promotes innovative treatments in the health care system, a priority established by the 2017‑2027 Quebec Life Sciences Strategy.

Today, major pharmaceutical companies approach the UIT with proposals for phase 1 clinical trials. The UIT’s expertise and dynamic approach has positioned Quebec on the world stage in the field of early‑stage clinical research.

Did you know?

The research centre introduced a general research consent form at hospital admissions and emergency units to obtain patients’ consent for the use of leftover biological tissues or fluids for research purposes. Consenting patients can then be contacted to take part in future clinical research protocols that correspond to their health condition. This form will gradually be made available to outpatient care physicians. Measures are in place to ensure privacy and data confidentiality.

CHUM Research Center - 2019-2020 Annual Report