Here we present some of the accomplishments of our research teams that marked 2020-2021. Among other things, the CHUM Research Centre gained a new Canada Research Chair and a new chair funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). It now boasts 38 active research chairs. Ten new researchers also joined the ranks of our institution.

APRIL 2020

Nathalie Grandvaux becomes the co-director of the Quebec COVID Network launched by the Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ)

Vikki Ho is awarded a Research Chair in Sex and Gender Sciences from the CIHR

MAY 2020

PhD student Jérémie Prévost (Andrés Finzi’s laboratory) is awarded the Uta Von Schwedler Prize

JUNE 2020

Drs. Marie-Pascale Pomey, Cécile Tremblay and Michaël Chassé receive 2.3 million dollars from the CIHR as part of the CIHR’s COVID‑19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity

Six researchers receive grants from the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

PhD student Stephanie Coronado-Montoya (Dr. Didier Jutras-Aswad’s laboratory) receives the prestigious Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

JULY 2020

Dr. Julie Bruneau receives $1M in funding from the CIHR to produce six national guides meeting the urgent needs of drug users

Neila Mezgahni, Gabrielle Pagé, Dr. Nathalie Bureau and Dr. Marie-Chantal Fortin each obtain $100,000 in funding from the FRQ’s Audace program

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada and the CIHR award a $1.5M grant to Dr. Pierre Duquette

Appointment of Dr. Carl Chartrand-Lefebvre to the position of director of the Department of Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine (Université de Montréal Faculty of Medicine)


Andrés Finzi elected Member of the Royal Society of Canada

Jacques de Guise receives the Award of Excellence in Research and Creation, Leadership category (Université du Québec)

Dr. Julie Bruneau becomes the holder of a new Canada Research Chair in Addiction Medicine

Dr. Marie-Josée Hébert is inducted into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences


The IGH Sex and Gender Trainee Network (CIHR) appoints Gabriel Bastien, a PhD student in Dr. Didier Jutras-Aswad’s laboratory, as one of its representatives at the CRCHUM

Nathalie Grandvaux is appointed the CRCHUM’s Deputy Scientific Director of Student and Postdoctoral Affairs


Prostate cancer and imaging: Dr. Cynthia Ménard receives a $3M grant from the Canadian Cancer Society and the Movember Foundation

Skin cancer: John Stagg receives a $300,000 grant from Génome Québec, Oncopole and IVADO as part of the Omics Data Against Cancer competition

Dr. Antoine Boivin receives the Donald I. Rice Award from the College of Family Physicians of Canada and the Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine.

Dr. Julie Bruneau, laureate of the Women of Distinction Award, Public Services category, from the Women’s Y Foundation of Montreal


The CRCHUM presents its 2020 Awards of Excellence. Award recipients: Emmanuelle Brochiero, Dr. Didier Jutras-Aswad, Dr. Michaël Chassé, Dr. Dominique Trudel and Frédéric Leblond

MARCH 2021

14 CRCHUM teams receive more than $9M from the CIHR

Two representatives from the student community are appointed to the CRCHUM’s Scientific Committee

Posthumous tribute to Dr. André Robidoux, one of the great leaders in cancer research in Canada

Andrés Finzi receives the André-Dupont Award from the Club de Recherches Cliniques du Québec

Vikki Ho is one of the 22 women celebrated by Gender STI’s Women in Leadership campaign