Official introduction

Message from the Director

Dare to look beyond the horizon

I am very proud to present to you, in its innovative and fully digital format, the CRCHUM’s 2015–2016 activity report. The CRCHUM promotes, facilitates and supports the University of Montreal Hospital Centre’s (CHUM) research mission through a vision that is integrated with the hospital’s other mission components, which are health care, teaching and the evaluation of technologies. This synergy will be further strengthened by the imminent opening of the new CHUM.

The knowledge generated by our teams serves our patients and the people of Quebec. The research questions that our researchers ask are directly inspired by the challenges faced by our clinical practitioners or by public health issues. The solutions they provide return directly to the patients’ point-of-care and inform political decisions that have an impact on health.

As you peruse this activity report, you will see that our research teams have distinguished themselves on the international scene once again this year through their discoveries, which include identifying new mechanisms underlying Alzheimer’s disease or the rejection of transplanted organs, demonstrating that storing blood does not affect its quality and developing new treatments for multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer, to name only a few.  

Everyone who works at the CRCHUM, whether they are researchers, students or research and support staff members, is inspired every day to seek new knowledge and innovative solutions, always daring to go further. For the sake of our patients and together with them, we will pursue this mission with energy and determination.

Vincent Poitout
Director of the CRCHUM

Messages from the CEO

The CHUM Research Centre’s (CRCHUM) activity report highlights the key accomplishments and scientific breakthroughs made by its research teams, a constant source of creativity. All our teams work tirelessly for a common objective, that of developing innovative solutions to improve the health of the people of Quebec.  

This outstanding site, where the results of research activities have a positive impact on patients, promotes a comprehensive approach integrating the entire research spectrum, from basic research to the laboratory, from population health research to clinical research.

This research spectrum and the resulting cross-fertilization between the different sectors make it possible to transform scientific knowledge into tangible benefits for patients and the general public.

Once again, for 2015–2016, our research centre has set itself apart through spectacular and innovative scientific breakthroughs that improve medical practices and contribute to the development of new treatments. These discoveries pave the way for new therapeutic approaches to treating type 2 diabetes, prostate cancer and many other diseases.

At the University of Montreal Hospital Centre, patients not only benefit from these positive impacts—they also contribute to them! In fact, their participation in research programs or clinical studies is crucial to the ultimate improvement of the treatment they receive. The use of Truvada to prevent HIV infection in high-risk individuals is a good example.

A review of all the CRCHUM’s accomplishments will demonstrate how important the centre’s role is in the improvement of patient health care and how influential its discoveries have been throughout the world. On behalf of the people that we serve, I would like to thank all the teams of the CHUM’s research centre who contribute to improving the health of Quebecers now and in the future.

Fabrice Brunet
Chief Executive Officer