The patient and the public are at the heart of our motivation to seek ways to prevent disease, discover new treatments and improve health. Our expertise ranges from basic research conducted in the laboratory to drugs tested on patients in clinical trials, to research on population health and assessment of medical care and practices.


consecutive “Outstanding” honour bestowed by the Fonds de Recherche du Québec – Santé for the quality of research conducted at CRCHUM


active research projects conducted at CHUM involving patients


clinical trials in progress, half of which began in 2015


clinical research networks in Quebec and Canada under CRCHUM leadership


scientific articles published by regular CRCHUM researchers in 2015


of publications involved in international collaboration


other major publications in the form of books, reports or films, to support the dissemination of knowledge


presentations of dissertations, papers and various conventions in the CRCHUM amphitheatre, a forum for scientific exchange and facilitation that stimulates innovative collaboration


active patents and 18 licences granted in conjunction with research innovations


banks of biological specimens for several pathologies, including prostate cancer, breast cancer and ovarian cancer, HIV and neurodegenerative diseases


More than 1,730 people work at CRCHUM, all helping to improve care by providing practical solutions to population health problems.


regular researchers and investigators

CRCHUM researchers hold a PhD or MD. A total of 132 regular researchers dedicate most of their time to conducting research. Researchers also hold a professorship at Université de Montréal or the École de technologie supérieure, in the case of researchers in biomedical engineering. Several are also physicians who practise at CHUM.


students, including 430 graduate students and postdoctoral fellows

CRCHUM plays a major role in training the next generation of scientists. Through their innovative ideas, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students contribute directly to all stages of CRCHUM’s cutting-edge research. CRCHUM is also a partner in various Bachelor’s degree programs.


professionals, support staff, technicians and research nurses

Support staff coordinate the administrative, legal and clinical aspects of research. These employees implement clinical trials, manage laboratory equipment, ensure health and safety, and oversee the Centre’s marketing and finances.


CHUM’s new research centre opened in October 2013, with modern world-class facilities.

CRCHUM is one of Canada’s leading centres providing early clinical research infrastructure on the cutting edge of technology, also including sample collection rooms, sample preparation rooms, freezers, a storage room and an archives room.


modern complex with an area of 48,000 m2, opened in October 2013, which obtained the prestigious LEED Gold environmental certification. Our facilities include two research buildings.


basic research laboratories

Our teams study the mechanisms involved in various pathologies, including cancer as well as neurodegenerative, infectious, inflammatory and cardiometabolic diseases, in addition to imaging and biomedical engineering in laboratories equipped to the industry’s highest standards.


scientific platforms providing cutting-edge technological equipment and services


users, more than 15 percent of whom come from outside the research centre


cyclotron, highly specialized equipment that produces radioactive isotopes for use in treating cancer and developing research in the field of imaging


pharmacy specializing in research. The pharmacists in this facility with the latest equipment, specializing in clinical research, provide complete management of drugs administered in clinical trials.


early phase research unit (URCP) with 15 beds, ultramodern facilities and equipment for participants in clinical research projects, for a few hours or a few days, for monitoring or investigation


clinical examination rooms