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Discoveries are made by those who dare. Many medical advances that have won a Nobel Prize were born from the curiosity of scientists bold enough to follow their intuition and persevere with their research. Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz, the Nobel Prize winner in chemistry for 2012, was our guest of honour at the CRCHUM Scientific Day and Grand Labo on October 15, 2015. He discovered an entire family of small molecules on the surface of our cells that now serve as the target for almost half our drugs. But he never would have made this breakthrough with the available academic funding programs. Unconventional ideas are often incompatible with the criteria of research funding bodies. That is why our centre has a solid network of partners, citizens, organizations and companies that financially support our researchers’ innovative ideas.

CRCHUM’s Grand Labo

CRCHUM’s Grand Labo is a philanthropic event with a unique atmosphere, shining the limelight on researchers. The event highlights the importance of their research while raising funds dedicated entirely to research activities. On October 15, 2015, the sixth edition of this gala held at Montreal’s Arsenal on the theme of the Art of Research drew some 340 people and raised $407,000. Mr. Lucien Bouchard, a partner at Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg and former premier of Quebec, chaired the evening hosted by Stéphan Bureau. Our guest of honour Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry in 2012, emphasized the links between art and research, with imagination driving scientific creation.

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The CRCHUM Challenge

Organized in collaboration with the Fondation du CHUM, the CRCHUM Challenge is a charitable activity that encourages people to raise money by running or walking to support research. The event is part of the Défi Caritatif Banque Scotia 21k in Montreal. The donations collected by participants that are allocated to the CRCHUM are redistributed in scholarships for our students and postdoctoral fellows, so they can contribute to research.

The seventh edition of the CRCHUM Challenge, held on April 24, 2015 at Parc Jean-Drapeau, brought together 193 participants and raised almost $69,000.

The CRCHUM challenge over the years

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